Welcome to the Singapore branch of the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute
We are devoted to female genital plastic surgery .
Our clinic provides a personalized service that specializes in the highest quality
of care setting the now gold standard for cosmetic genital surgery in Singapore .

drsidekOur mission is to empower patients with knowledge, choice and alternatives

Female Genital Plastic Surgery is a general term to encompass all the cosmetic procedures of the vagina and vulval structures .The specific terminologies we use have been trademarked by Dr Matclock and they are Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) and Designer Laser Vaginoplasty ( DLV).

LVR is for the enhancement of sexual gratification ( vaginal tightening ) and DLV is for the aesthetic enhancement of vulval structures ( Labioplast/Labiaplasty) are the most commonly requested DLV procedures . In addition because of our cultural background Hymenoplasty where the hymen is reconstructed is also a very much requested procedure in our clinic.

Dr Matlock pioneered these procedures and Dr Sidek is the first surgeon from Singapore to learn from Dr Matlock .

We also perform laser circumcision for our male clients . Laser circumsison uses the laser to cut and trim the excess foreskin and there is less bleeding and faster recovery than conventional surgery .
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WAGS Women Anti Aging Gynaecological system

A 20 minute procedure to tighten the vagina.  Get great results at half the cost.  Approved by HSA. Technolgoy from Milan.

Vagina Narrower

Vagina Narrower is a patented technology from Milan.  Dr Sidek is the first in Singapore to be trained in this procedure. A comprehensive pre-examination is therefore essential.
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